Coding Academy

Coding isn't just for geeks’ anymore--it's super valuable for any business professional.
Come learn to code with us.

Bravo Net Solution believes that coding is essential to nowadays generation and also there are many people that actually interested in learning. Now, worry no more.Just head to our office to learn and become expert in no time. Sort through the variety of coding courses and classes we offer to find what works best for you.

Courses we offered:

Step-by-step HTML and CSS

Use HTML and CSS to design and build websites and web pages.

The Complete JavaScript Course

Create dynamic, interactive user experiences with the popular and powerful programing language JavaScriptt.

 Git Complete Mastery with GitHub

Go from zero to hero with Git source control step-by-step with easy to understand examples. Become the next Git expert!

Complete Python Bootcamp

Learn Python step by step to help you solve real world problems, create games, and complete your own tasks!

Learn Ruby on Rails (zero to hero)

Learn how to program in the Ruby programming language, starting from scratch and moving to advanced coding techniques

Learn PHP Programming From Scratch

In this introductory course in PHP you will get all the fundamental concepts required to start your PHP web programming.