WeChat Mini Program

What is WeChat Mini Program ?

WeChat Mini App program is sub applications that function in WeChat environment. In 2018, the function of Mini App is quite similar to a native app in terms of the complexity and development since Tencent has provided more API for developers. The function of WeChat mini app is similar like a normal mobile phone app. If you want to find the mini apps, you have to search it in WeChat and scan the provided QR code. You can access mini program anywhere and anytime you want. You can simply delete them from your WeChat which it very easy as deleting a message if you no longer need the apps. Mini program have a captive audience in marketing area, and they work well with every OS supporting WeChat. The biggest company with Mobile/Native app also have a WeChat Mini Program.

Case Studies

Yonghui supermarket allows customer to scan QR code at shop as they don’t have to stand in long queue

Meiyijia convenience store integrated discount coupons in the mini program. Family Mart’s gift card mini app takes advantage of WeChat’s social aspect and allow consumers to present gift cards to each other.

Mr Fresh has a mini program that enables customers to scan a QR code, pick their food item, then pay directly without leaving their office.

Brand e-commerce

Starbucks created a mini program that provides membership privileges such as adding points, purchasing, sharing and sending gift cards.

Platform e-commerce

Ecommerce companies such as JD and Mogujie have created their own mini programs which serve as a new sales channel.

Content e-commerce

WeChat houses a lot original content that is increasingly linked to e-commerce. Mini Programs open new revenue streams for content creators and allow them to monetize their follower base Rebecca WeChat public account created a brand store mini program and added 1 milion users in 7 minutes.

When users open the mini program nearby, they will see a list of local business including restaurant, beauty salons, coffee shops showing how far they are form the user. Mini programs have a low threshold for users to access service, and can reach a large potential user base. Merchants can maximize the traffic to online services and make better transaction scenarios. Customer can link to merchant’s public account. Merchants user more channels to interact with the consumer, creating more touch points, enhance the user experience and ultimately expand its user base. Bike rental and mobile rental mini programs are the most often used. Users are able to locate services immediately with mini programs.

WeChat released mini games on December 2017. These mini games are subcategories of mini programs that will expand the content of mini program services.

The Advantages of WeChat Mini Program


No download required, just click on WeChat or scan a QR code to use. there will be no difference from using an app for user experience and functionalities.

(Android phone can add WeChat mini program lunching button to its home screen).




Low development cost and compatible with both IOS and Android platforms.




There are many ways to promote wechat mini program for instance Scan QR code entry, share to WeChat friends, groups, mini program search, nearby mini program and related WeChat official account.




Malaysia is the first overseas market for WeChat pay, and the mini program is about to support Malaysian ringgit payment in the mini program.




Suitable for merchants who want to enter Chinese market or have Chinese customers.




Convenient to use as there is no need to worry about having apps on the phone. Mini program can access an app in faster way, for those user who desire to complete the tasks quickly and efficiently, it suits you well.