WeChat Service Account

WeChat Service Account offer most companies to build its own application, get any inquiries and broadcast their own promotion message to followers. If your goal is serving user with higher degree of functionality through API integration, the service account should be the one to consider.


Services account provides more powerful business service for companies and organization as it is more visible and only allows the broadcast of four messages per month. The concept of service account is more to provide services instead of message broadcast. It provide user through customized menu and integrated e-commerce, customer service, games, or other interactive feature inside the app. User can receive push notification as the broadcast message is displayed in line with the user’s personal contact. The user can also reply to any message within 48 hours. The developments of WeChat Stores and WeChat Pay have offered an opportunity for e-commerce business which functions as a payment gateway inside WeChat environment. The account also provide user with extra functionality which is GPS in order to point customer to the nearest store. User can generate several QR code for one account and the QR Code can be generated based on short URL for the higher readability.


Function and feature ;

  1. Message Broadcast
    User able to create conversation group and message their followers
  2. Content Management
    Can upload image, video and video files
  3. Auto-Reply
    You can set a welcome message to new friends, replies to keywords, and any default message that able to reply automatically
  4. Analytics
    Report on follower’s details, content engagements, message volume etc
  5. Custom Menu
    Flexible to create custom features with menu
  6. QR Generator
    You can create QR code using the generator

Like to explore WeChat Service Account to expand your business.

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