WeChat Subscription Account

WeChat Subscription Account offers a far more basic method of communication and most people used it in marketing area to deliver news and information to users or subscribers. You can use this type of account if your goals are to create an engagement with more customers and increase your product visibility in the competitive business market.


Subscription account fits for business people who want to push more frequent content as it allow user to broadcast one message per day. The notification will appear on subscription message folder and the updated information will be seen by followers in the subscription area. Within 48 hours, recipient can reply to any subscription messages. Besides, the subscription account has less of advanced feature and functionality compared to service account.


However, using WeChat Subscription account, your business must be verified first and using API is a must. Besides, the way of messages displayed is not convenient as they are not being pushed to user’s list and it makes your subscription account is less visible. That is mean, in order to retrieve the delivered messages, follower has to go into the folder that containing all the subscription account.

Like to explore WeChat Service Account to expand your business.

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