“Artist, who just happen to use computers”

The Management

RUEY LIUH Chief Everything Officer


Ruey Liuh graduated with a Degree in E-Commerce & Marketing, but sadly by natural he is not a sociable salesperson.

Ruey Liuh strongly believes execution and capabilities are the main ingredients that help him in building his businesses and relationship with his clients.

If you have any questions related to IT or Internet Marketing, please share it with Ruey Liuh. He is more than willing to help you.

HE YUYANG WeChat Development Specialist


Yuyang is from China and graduated in APU with a Degree in Information Technology.

MUHAMMAD WAZEER Frontend Developer

A junior web developer who graduated from Universiti Kuala Lumpur with a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Software Engineering.

His interest in art and design has further enabled him designing various platform including websites etc.. This hardworking web developer feels free to help those who ask him for assistance and wish to learn more for better performance.

Ethan Pang Backend Developer

Ethan Pang

Ethan Pang is a junior web developer graduated from Politeknik Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin(PTSS) with a Diploma In Information Technology.

His hunger for knowledge and determination enabled him to quickly think up a solution to a problem. He also willingly helps others who need assistance.

Syafiq Azizan Internship Developer

Syafiq Azizan

Syafiq Azizan graduated from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) with a Bachelor of Computer Science majoring in Software Development.

He was extremely passionate about mobile development and web development from backend to frontend programming. When he does some work, he will try to achieve the best quality prior to his current knowledge.

NG CHUN HOU Administrative Secretary


NG CHUN HOU is a junior admin secretary who graduated from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College with a Diploma of technology ( building ).

His passion about coding and technology enables him to learn frontend code without the aid of professionals. He is always willing to help those who need help for assist and learning.