Let’s admit GA4 sucks for beginners, and Google is going to sunset UA and replace with it. There are several good reasons why UA will be replaced by GA4, to sum up, GA4 is basically the next version of analytics that focuses more on event basis, the intention was always to create a better experience for users, but the UI for reading its report is getting complicated in GA4. Some of its matrices are getting more complicated and require some learning curve in order to generate insightful reports. 

Most marketers are looking for analytics tools that are straightforward and details to provide insightful data at a glance. Instead of setting up the report on your own and looking at chunks of numbers, graphical charts and visual summaries are priority choices for less tech-savvy marketers to gain insight from their websites or web application.


There are many other analytics tools has the capabilities to fulfil these requirements but non of them are free aside from the self-hosted version. Recently we discovered that ​​Microsoft has introduced its latest web analytics tool – ​​Microsoft Clarity, and we’ve been blown away by its features which are only available from premium tools in the market. 


Microsoft Clarity is a web analytics tool that helps website owners and developers to gain insights into how users interact with their websites. It provides an in-depth analysis of user behaviour, user flow, and session recordings. Microsoft Clarity has been gaining a lot of attention in the web analytics space, and many experts are already recommending it as a valuable tool.

Key Features of ​​Microsoft Clarity

One of the most significant features of Microsoft Clarity is its ability to track user behaviour. The tool records everything from clicks to scrolls to mouse movements, allowing website owners to see precisely how users interact with their site. This feature alone provides an immense amount of insight into user behaviour and can help website owners to optimize their sites for better engagement and conversions.


Another key feature of Microsoft Clarity is its ability to track user flow. This feature allows website owners to see the path that users take when navigating their site. By understanding how users move through the site, website owners can optimize the user experience to reduce friction and improve engagement.


Session recordings are another feature that sets Microsoft Clarity apart from other web analytics tools. With session recordings, website owners can see exactly what users do on their sites. This feature is particularly valuable for e-commerce websites, where it’s essential to understand how users interact with products and the checkout process.

Microsoft Clarity User Insights

Many web analytics tools provide data on user behaviour, but Microsoft Clarity takes this to the next level by providing insights into the “why” behind user behaviour. By using heat maps and click maps, website owners can see where users are spending the most time and which elements are attracting the most attention. This information can be used to optimize the site for better engagement and conversions.


In addition to insights into user behaviour, Microsoft Clarity also provides valuable information on site performance. The tool tracks page load times, server response times, and other performance metrics. This data can be used to identify performance bottlenecks and optimize the site for faster load times.


One of the most significant advantages of Microsoft Clarity is its ease of use. The tool is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate and understand. Even users who are not familiar with web analytics can quickly learn how to use the tool to gain valuable insights into their site’s performance.


Microsoft Clarity is a valuable web analytics tool that provides website owners with insights into user behaviour, user flow, and session recordings. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it’s no wonder that many experts are already recommending it as a must-have tool for any website owner or developer. Whether you’re looking to optimize your site for better engagement and conversions or to identify performance bottlenecks, Microsoft Clarity has everything you need to succeed.