Prevent your email being listed as SPAM by adding SPF & DKIM

Prevent your email being listed as SPAM by adding SPF & DKIM.  Google and other major email service providers (ESP) are getting stricter towards email verification to combat SPAM activities. 

Your photo doesn’t delete permanently from Facebook/Instagram server after you delete your post.

What happens if you deleted the images or videos from your Instagram post? Our first response is that the photos or videos will be gone forever. But is it so? 

Face Recognition Solutions for Your Mobile & Web Application

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) has been widely used to identify if the registration is a genuine one or not. Most of us will expect to have at least one mobile per person so that the login belongs to the right person with 2FA technology.

6 Steps To Optimise High Traffics WordPress Site

Creating your own website is relatively easy nowadays with all the available technologies ready to use for any users without touching a single code. WordPress usually is the first the came to most of the users mind.  WordPress gained 63.6% of CMS market share in 2nd quarter of 2020 according to W3Techs. 

How Facebook Knows What You Want to See

Data collection happens everywhere every time nowadays. In here i’m not referring to business data, i’m referring to you personal data. What is privacy? Why are all the websites including their privacy policies but none of the users understand.

WordPress Database Connection Error even Database Setting is Correct

You will find it weird when you get an error establishing database connection while trying to set up your WordPress and you’ve made sure that your database name, username, and password is exactly the same as your wp-config.php file. Well, assume that you have your database setup correctly, your username and password is correct, you have also linked up your database & username together and the privilege to accessRead more

5 Must Have Tools for Work from Home during Covid-19 Movement Control

In the current era, epidemic doesn’t cause much of a casualty with the advancement of medical preparation today. The true impact of the epidemic is the economic challenge that would be faced by the global. As when the movement control started, most of the businesses still operate as usual, and most of us are still able to work from home. We are lucky today as compared with the daysRead more

5 Must Know WhatsApp Business Features

Probably most businesses have their own WhatsApp Business account to communicate with their customers and getting in sales lead easily. WhatsApp still the most used messaging tools in Malaysia.

What is Official WhatsApp Business Account

WhatsApp Business Account wasn’t something new. It’s been introduced several years before. Until recent years Facebook only decided to release its WhatsApp monetising plan to businesses.

WeChat service and public account

What is the Difference Between WeChat Subscription Accounts and Service Accounts?

It was tough to decide and choose either subscription account (订阅号) or service account (服务号) that can help to shape your content marketing strategy. These 2 accounts are important for marketer, however, which one is worth for you? Let’s see the differences between WeChat subscription account and WeChat service account.