Turn Your PHP into Asynchronous Process

PHP has been in the market for almost. 25 years. As the advancement of the technologies many new backend languages have been introduced mainly for few improvements which include security, speed of development and of coz the speed of the process.

Talk is cheap, show me your code

There are so many IT graduates each year. There should be a surplus in the industry in terms of hiring, surprisingly the IT industry is still facing the manpower shortage in Malaysia. Why is it so? After years of interviewing fresh graduates and internships we come into a conclusion is that most of the IT graduate students can’t really code. 

The Fans Economy Era

Live streaming started years ago and became a hit in recent years, and it all started from live pornograhy. Back then after the internet getting mature, an adult site live stream was introduced but it’s not as famous as it is now.

Face Recognition Solutions for Your Mobile & Web Application

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) has been widely used to identify if the registration is a genuine one or not. Most of us will expect to have at least one mobile per person so that the login belongs to the right person with 2FA technology.

Live & Messenger Commerce

PM… DM… if you are a seller who rely on Facebook to sell your products probably this is the most received message in your comment or inbox.

“Embrace” The New Retail Concept – Cashierless Store

Why online retail grow faster than ever in the history? Set aside from the factor of purchasing power has increase drastically after the .com booming and others, the technologies are the main reasons why online retails grow tremendously faster than normal retail.

Hiring post gone “racist”: what people don’t realise.

It is sad to have your intention twisted by random netizens without fact-checking.



Google My Business

Google my business is a free tool that can help you manage your business appearance in Google search and Maps. The Google Maps helps you to see the current location of people who are searching for directions to your business. The purpose of Google My Business is to provide a platform for business people in order to improve their product visibility.   How Google My Business can help toRead more

Cover Your Domain Name’s Tracks

Using  WHOIS to look for a domain’s information is pretty normal. If fact a lot of spammer will farm the domain’s database via WHOIS service provider website.