What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Not every single entrepreneur is born with tons of luck and backed with a strong backup from the legacy gifted to him/her. Fortunately and unfortunately I’m not one of them. This is how I understand every single entrepreneur is an opportunist and willing to grab any chances in front of them which we call it as luck. 

The Law of Attraction will Not Work until you move your ass

You will see the interesting phenomena in the social media where your friends started to post motivation quotes (especially from Jack Ma), sharing positive vibes, posting entrepreneur videos (not article, i will let you know why later), posting selfie photos when attending some seminars and selfie photos with successful entrepreneurs. Their posts usually come with tons of #hashtags (#entrepreneur #jackma #hustle etc). Usually these postings tend to get aRead more

The Fans Economy Era

Live streaming started years ago and became a hit in recent years, and it all started from live pornograhy. Back then after the internet getting mature, an adult site live stream was introduced but it’s not as famous as it is now.

Can Your Life Changed After Joining The Masterclass?

If you yourself is an entrepreneur, you probably heard of tons of courses whether is a self development, self healing, sales tactic, motivation talk, business strategies, road to IPO, property guru etc. Probably you have also heard of some well known company like Success Resources, Bole Resources, Doers, Capital Miracle, Asia Works, Vistage Malaysia and many more providing education platform and sell courses and mentoring as their business model.

8 Lessons I’ve Learned from my Entrepreneurship Experience in Malaysia

All the toughness we’ve been through, the resilient stays.

5 issues with WordPress’s visual composer. What’s the best solutions?

Having issues with visual composer right after the installation of WordPress 5? Some might find the WPBakery Visual Composer stop working almost immediately but is there is a solution to this? Well with every problem in there’ll surely be a solution for it, and one of the solutions for this problem is to install a plugin called Classic Editor by WordPress. It is an official plugin that was maintainedRead more

Business Collaboration between WORQ and Bravo Net Solution

  We are pleased to announce a new collaboration between Bravo Net Solution and WORQ. WORQ is a service provider of co-working space which currently has 2 more outlets in TTDI and KL Gateway.

Introduce Loom for Video Communication

Loom is a video communication platform to help people capture, narrate and instantly share videos to communicate faster, clearer and friendlier. It is a free tool with one click button to record, and then you can have the shareable URL. Using Loom, you are able to do the video recording for tutorial which is not limited to business or education purpose. When you are working remotely especially in groupingRead more

How to get free 100 or 150 Adwords credit ?

Google Adwords ? Google Adwords is an Google advertising program to provide advertisers promote their website’s products and services using the Cost-per-Click bidding (CPC).

How to create a website easily – Part 3

So we’ve covered the part one – (Choose the right tools) & part two –  (Choose the right template design) Is time to go into the final part. When it comes to the website building, most people probably get confused by many things including on how to choose the perfect font design for your website.