The Instagram Blue Tick Scam

Basically what happened was that there are people trying to perform social engineering hacking to obtain any user’s IG by sending them a phishing site to lure them to key in their account credential and therefore getting their login info.

You Don’t Want to Fall into Scammers’ Trap

IT scamming can be in any form and I assure you that you don’t want to be one of the victims. The lesson to pay for after the scamming or hacking is far greater than investing yourself into basic security knowledge before it’s too late.

Why is your corporate email went into recipient’s junk box?

If you are using a shared hosting email probably you will have experienced your email going into your recipients junk box often. Why is it so? The one important factor is because your email’s domain IP has been blacklisted by the ISP and the DNS blacklist service site. Even you didn’t send any spam email you will still be one of the victims that your email will be labelRead more

How to add FREE SSL to your Shared Hosting Website

Having a HTTPS is relative important for every website nowadays.

Which Countries has the Highest Brutal Force Attack

Our recent Wordfence report shows that China has the highest brutal force attack towards WordPress’s admin login.

WordPress Hackers Anywhere

Apparently we’ve been targeted again due to unknown WordPress theme source code being uploaded to one of our hosting account by our client. The code files left a backdoor for hackers to inject malicious code again. Please please please remember don’t upload “FREE THEME” or “Plugins” from unknown source, most of the time they have backdoor with it. A lot of WordPress users (not programmers) apparently don’t know theRead more

Get a Shared Hosting with Anti Virus Protection

Like most of the the shared hosting servers, hackers usually will look for a way to pick out vulnerable WordPress or other open source powered website and inject malicious code and run it. We are facing this kind of hacking most of the time. We are not able to stop all these hacking because mostly 80% of our web hosting clients are using WordPress. Some of them will takeRead more

Secure Your Shared Hosting

Recently we’ve been attacked by hackers due to some of the vulnerable WordPress site that hosted in our server. Hackers manage to inject backdoor shell scripts that are able to crack our cPanel password, change other opensource site’s admin password, and access to all our hosting account’s web files. According to the hacker codes that we manage to grab from the hacked folders, they are rely on PHP shellRead more

Protect Your WordPress

Opensource website is definitely vulnerable for hackers to hack into it. This is not only limited to WordPress, but other CMS like Joomla, Drupal etc. Hackers target sites that are outdated and plugins that have backdoors script in it. Once you have your site online, hackers will scan and hack it with whichever method they can. This will not only affect on your side, it will affect the rest ofRead more

How to fix your website when you found out is hacked

If you realised that you side being injected with malicious code in your website’s code files or folders don’t panic. This is relative normal for shared hosting due to some websites that hosted in the same hosting server with you has a backdoor that allow hackers to inject malicious code into their websites and eventually infected your website as well. It’s hard to prevent it since we have no controlRead more