How to create a website easily – Part 1

Today setting up a website is hell easy as you can’t even imagine compare in 10 years ago.

Email marketing is dead? Rethink.

Some say email marketing isn’t working nowadays, how often do you read email in a day?

Git Version Control is Finally in cPanel!

If you are not a programmer you probably will not know what is Git Version Control.

Soon Your Voice will be Mimic Easily by Anybody is a website that create the most realistic artificial voices in the world. The purpose is enable a voice Chatbots and assistants. You can give a unique voice to your personal assistant and no need to use the same voice as your competitors any longer.

Another Perspective of Data

Recently there is a leaked video from Google (the video was suppose for internal use) that causing a huge debate among the internet users. 

Is Google Always Listening to You?

I came across (maybe is not accidentally) to this video on experimenting if Google is listening to us always.

Which Countries has the Highest Brutal Force Attack

Our recent Wordfence report shows that China has the highest brutal force attack towards WordPress’s admin login.

WordPress Hackers Anywhere

Apparently we’ve been targeted again due to unknown WordPress theme source code being uploaded to one of our hosting account by our client. The code files left a backdoor for hackers to inject malicious code again. Please please please remember don’t upload “FREE THEME” or “Plugins” from unknown source, most of the time they have backdoor with it. A lot of WordPress users (not programmers) apparently don’t know theRead more

Happy Chinese New Year 2018

So.. we got our company dinner in a steakhouse. Not expensive nor fancy restaurant, but it is my appreciation and respect to the team of people. We can’t say we are doing great, but we are doing well. In the coming days we will be better and strong.  

What’s Happening Behind The Scene

Again,  our side being target by the same group of hackers due to weak WordPress site in our hosting. It’s very important to have your open source CMS site constantly update due to all the plugins flaw that easily tracked by the hackers. Hacking doesn’t mean bad, but is another way for us to learn to keep improve ourselves in security. Its a kind of learning process for usRead more