What is Google Webmaster Tools ?

Since 2010, Google Analytics will not reveals the organic keywords traffic that came to your website. It claim it’s for privacy purpose. But we all knew the excuse was bull shit. The real purpose is to encourage its Adwords sales.

Create a Free Website Using Google My Business

Using a website, you need only to let people find you online. Compared to 20 years ago, selling was hard as you had to go from door to door and try to convince people to buy your products. In fact, it was a lengthy process and the costs were totally expensive. You can simply put your brochure up on the website and people on internet will buy from you.



The KOLs/Influencers – Part 2

We believe that each influencer in Malaysia may have different history before they started to become an influencer.

Today’s New Media Ambassadors – The KOLs or Influencers – Part 1

A new marketing tools such as Key Opinion Leader (KOLs) or influencer marketing has been formed due to the rise of social media trending in this digital area.

What is Facebook Open Graph Metadata ?

Do you have the experience that your website sharing in Facebook doesn’t seem appear correctly in the posting summary? It’s not a good presentation and reputation for your website and your company if is doesn’t looks professional when appear in social media. 

Meta title, meta descriptions, meta keywords. Does these important for your website ?

It’s essential for you to have the basic knowledge on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to make sure your website will be listed in Google search result. The SEO issues that should be focus in this topic included meta title, meta descriptions and meta keyword.

Cover Your Domain Name’s Tracks

Using  WHOIS to look for a domain’s information is pretty normal. If fact a lot of spammer will farm the domain’s database via WHOIS service provider website.

How to create a website easily – Part 2

Last week we’ve published an article regarding the ways you can have your own website with a very low price range. Here’s the article.

How to create a website easily – Part 1

Today setting up a website is hell easy as you can’t even imagine compare in 10 years ago.