What is PDPA and why is it so Important

The author is so lazy so…¬†

What is UTM link?

Have you ever notice that some of the websites’ URL have these weird parameters ?

Which Countries has the Highest Brutal Force Attack

Our recent Wordfence report shows that China has the highest brutal force attack towards WordPress’s admin login.

How to be Focus and Productivity

How to keep oneself focus on working desk? I once heard from a speaker who is one of the founder of a business training school, he said he will do the tasks that need to be done on that day or the particular event, that’s the purpose of the day right? Which i found out it’s true. We failed to achieve something on time, most of the time weRead more

WordPress Hackers Anywhere

Apparently we’ve been targeted again due to unknown WordPress theme source code being uploaded to one of our hosting account by our client. The code files left a backdoor for hackers to inject malicious code again. Please please please remember don’t upload “FREE THEME” or “Plugins” from unknown source, most of the time they have backdoor with it. A lot of WordPress users (not programmers) apparently don’t know theRead more