Soon Your Voice will be Mimic Easily by Anybody is a website that create the most realistic artificial voices in the world. The purpose is enable a voice Chatbots and assistants. You can give a unique voice to your personal assistant and no need to use the same voice as your competitors any longer.

The top 100 IPs in Malaysia used to send emails

We’ve been working closely with one of our email marketing provider partner with providing quality email blast to the big players in the Malaysia market.

Is Your Site Accessible in China?

You have a website but it doesn’t mean it’s accessible world wide. China has a very strict rule towards the internet censorship, it has blocked most major internet service provides to access in China such as Google,  Facebook, Twitter, etc. Reason? It needs to ensure that the China government has the control and surveillance in the content of the internet for any reasons such as security, safety, but mostRead more

Connect Your Whatsapp Business Phone Number To Your Facebook Page

Do you know that you can have a Whatsapp Business contact?