Meta title, meta descriptions, meta keywords. Does these important for your website ?

It’s essential for you to have the basic knowledge on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to make sure your website will be listed in Google search result. The SEO issues that should be focus in this topic included meta title, meta descriptions and meta keyword.

Use WhatsApp Business to Automate Customer Service & Communication

Finally WhatsApp Business has launched it’s WhatsApp Business API to the public. And this is where WhatsApp start charging businesses for sending marketing and customer service messages and the prices will vary from country to country.

How to create a website easily – Part 3

So we’ve covered the part one – (Choose the right tools) & part two –  (Choose the right template design) Is time to go into the final part. When it comes to the website building, most people probably get confused by many things including on how to choose the perfect font design for your website.