Social Media are Stealing from you

Majority of the people don’t give a shit about privacy because it doesn’t harm them. But think deeper, the information that uploaded to your social media gives the internet companies more ways to sell your data, most of the buyers are the advertisers. The more data they have, the more accuracy for them to place the ads in your page feeds. It sounds ok right? Well data is goodRead more

Happy Chinese New Year 2018

So.. we got our company dinner in a steakhouse. Not expensive nor fancy restaurant, but it is my appreciation and respect to the team of people. We can’t say we are doing great, but we are doing well. In the coming days we will be better and strong.  

What’s Happening Behind The Scene

Again,  our side being target by the same group of hackers due to weak WordPress site in our hosting. It’s very important to have your open source CMS site constantly update due to all the plugins flaw that easily tracked by the hackers. Hacking doesn’t mean bad, but is another way for us to learn to keep improve ourselves in security. Its a kind of learning process for usRead more

Opencart Google Analytic E-commerce Tracking vqmod plugin

Your Opencart requires a Google Analytics e-commerce tracking which don’t come default in your Opencart. Base on the tips by We created a VQMOD version for developers easily have this function without extra coding. You can download right here It’s free!

Laravel 5.5 Custom Validation: Either one field is required only, but not for both

This tutorial is for those who already have basic skills for Laravel. If you are not familiar with Laravel please contact us. Assuming you have your fields ready. in your view {{ Form::text(‘field_a’) }} {{ Form::text(‘field_b’) }} in App/ProvidersAppServiceProvider.php add Validator::extend(’empty_with’, function ($attribute, $value, $parameters, $validator) { $data = $validator->getData(); return ($value != ” && $data[$parameters[0]] != ”) ? false : true; }); in your controller insert function $rulesRead more

Get a Shared Hosting with Anti Virus Protection

Like most of the the shared hosting servers, hackers usually will look for a way to pick out vulnerable WordPress or other open source powered website and inject malicious code and run it. We are facing this kind of hacking most of the time. We are not able to stop all these hacking because mostly 80% of our web hosting clients are using WordPress. Some of them will takeRead more